A Disposables or single use, item is designed to be used on one patient and only one patient then discarded. These instruments are not intended to be cleaned and sterilized for reuse on another patient. Disposable are labeled with the universal symbol for a single use item.

The Use of single use disposable items eliminate cross-contamination, from one patient to another and also clinical personnel.

Dental products manufactured as disposable includes –

  • Anti-fog mouth mirrors
  • Patient Drape/Bib
  • Tweezers
  • Explorer
  • Suction tip

Single use products are simple to store, they are often supplied in unit-dose sterile packaging. Ethylene oxide gas is one of the common methods used to sterilize or disinfect as the gas is highly effective, as it penetrates all porous materials as well as plastic material and films. The questions arises, How disposables are more convenient, safer and easier to use than reusable items. The Answer to about question is quite easy –

In addition to advantages, there are some disadvantages like-

But one must consider – wages, time and material involved in decontamination and reprocessing must also be added, when considering cost-effectiveness of an item,

Thus, Purchase of disposbale items, in the long run, be less expensive than a reusable version.

As Dentistry Progresses into the new-milleniom, the use of single-use items seems likely to evolve. Many disposable like gloves, plastic saliva ejectors, are already available for dental and hygiene procedures. When use properly and appropriately they enhance infection control program.